Laundry Rooms - Contemporary Designs in Cabinetry
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Laundry Rooms

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Laundry Rooms – Photos


Here are a few designs of Laundry Rooms to help you visualize some of the possibilities for your space.  These inspiration photos are just the tip of the iceburg for what you can do!

Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms are an essential part of your home, where you probably spend a lot more time than you want to.


Laundry Rooms have long been neglected in Home Design, so why not update this space and make the time you spend here more pleasant?



  • A flat screen TV on the wall to watch your favorite show while doing Laundry
  • Mud Room or Changing space
  • Cubbies or Lockers with hanging hooks for backpacks
  • Chaulkboard on doors to leave encouraging messages or reminders for kids or spouse
  • Fold-away Ironing Board and Iron on a wall to put an end to dragging a heavy ironing board out of a closet
  • Adding countertops above the Washer and Dryer to allow folding clothes or just getting the Laundry Baskets off the floor
  • Adding a Gift-Wrapping station
  • Hiding a kitty litter box or pet food bowls inside a cabinet
  • Adding additional storage
  • Injecting color into the space with accessories.
  • Using light, bright colors helps make the space look larger and more open.
  • Floating shelves and baskets can help to organize the clutter and make frequently used items more accessible
  • Adding lights to make tasks more easily seen and to brighten up the space.
  • These are just a few ideas that might help to make your space more functional, upbeat and enjoyable. You may have additional ideas that can be incorporated into the design for your space.



The photos below show many of these design features and more. Certainly, the space you have available for your Laundry Room can limit how much you can do, but even a closet Laundry space can be improved to make the thankless job of washing clothes a bit more enjoyable.



So, scroll through the idea photos below, and then give us a call at Traditions Cabinetry to start the design process of updating and improving your Laundry Room.