Outdoor Kitchen Photos Photos
Gallery of Outdoor Kitchen Photos to help visualize the possibilities for your new Outdoor Kitchen from Contemporary Designs in Cabinetry
Outdoor Kitchen Photos,
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Outdoor Kitchen Photos

View some beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Photos


This is a Gallery of Outdoor Kitchen Photos to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your new Outdoor Kitchen.  The photos include Outdoor Kitchens that we have designed and installed over the years along with photos from manufacturers that we have worked with:

Outdoor Kitchen Design


Living in Florida, enjoying the incredible outdoors is a part of our everyday life.  So, if you want to make your backyard into the ultimate in outdoor living, you can rely on Contemporary Designs to help you make the Outdoor Kitchen transformation. We have built a reputation for beautiful, long-lasting, quality products and services.  So, if you are looking for the ultimate in outdoor kitchens, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Therefore, please use the above Outdoor Kitchen Photos help you find exactly what you want. Let  Contemporary Designs team with you to design, build and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!




Contemporary Designs has the cabinets & countertops to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.  We work directly with homeowners, with contractors, and with pool builders to make your outdoor transformation come to life.  We offer a full spectrum of custom outdoor kitchen packages to accommodate our client’s lifestyle and budget. Using only the highest quality materials and construction methods, Contemporary Designs’ products deliver a complete, all-season outdoor cooking environment that is naturally durable, functional and beautiful. Let’s transform your backyard into a year-round living space for food, family and fun.  See the above Outdoor Kitchen Photos to find the photos to use as your design inspiration.


Countertops for Outdoor Kitchen

One major difference between Outdoor Kitchens and your indoor kitchen is that Outdoor Kitchens are usually exposed to direct sunlight and therefore need to be UV resistant.  This means that Quartz countertops are not a good choice.  We install Dekton countertops which beautiful, as well as being UV resistant, and extremely durable.  Visit our Showroom to see the wonderful options that are available in Dekton!